It Takes More by Jordin Sparks

Im an emotional wreck right now. And I figure that its best I tell you why. My boyfriend and I share something and that something is depression. But he has it worst. He not only has depression, he has bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, split personality and ADHD.

He self harms (he hasnt done it in a month and neither have I). Problem is with my borderline personality disorder we both find ourselves wondering where we stand.

And trust me you’d think I’d be smart enough to leave him, not because of his disorders but because im not the only one who has his heart. Problem is I fell in love and so did he.

How do i know he loves me? He spends everyday he can with me. I dont see how he talks to the other two because we are on the phone all the time or on oovoo or whatever to talk to each other.

My thing is this, before last week we were friends because we tried a relationship once and it ended. For two weeks we were friends. That is until on the 5th he called me and told me he loved me and when i didnt answer my phone (i was sleep) he couldnt help but think about me. The next day he was in the hospital due to a depression episode caused by me.

So for my birthday, when i got home from visting my sister for three days, he surprised me and took me to the movies where we kissed and laughed and had a good time. I asked him only two questions; Do you love me and Do you want to be with me? He answered yes to both questions

Yet my birthday was the fourteenth and its been four days since we talked. I know he has to get his credits for school but im like if you loved me you’d pick up the damn phone and call or at least text me good morning or goodnight or even a fucking i love you.

But no he’s dropped off the face of the earth; the last time I talked to him being this time last week. So here’s the question; should i leave him? I mean really just leave and dissapear even though thats what he’s doing?

Please help me
Love , July


8 thoughts on “It Takes More by Jordin Sparks

  1. Ive been in the same position. But hunny it seems like he doesn’t want to be In your life as much as you want him to. What’s his name sweetheart? And if that doesn’t work, there are plenty of fish in the sea. You just have to keep swimming

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  3. Maybe you should just wait. You said he is getting his credits. So I’m guessing your high schoolers, seniors maybe. Just give him time he’ll come around. Maybe his mom is strict about phone rules during school time. Just give him time. Maybe another few days. If you need any more advice just stop by!

  4. Im Destini and my advice is to leave. You have enough to worry about. He isnt in love with you if he is seeing to other people, just dont be pregnant. Im serious

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